Phasing Line BONUS: Amateur Radio’s Next Generation by N0SSC

Audio only version of N0SSC’s presentation on youth in ham radio – how to get kids interested, what works, what doesn’t, game theory, and more. This was his first speech at a hamfest on this topic, and the livestream broke a lot, but luckily I had an audio backup at 30:34 (hence the change in how it sounded). It was recorded 28 January 2017 at the St. Louis Suburban Radio Club (SLSRC) Winterfest hamfest.

Slides available at and the video also available at


0:49 About N0SSC
4:02 The Real Issue(s)
5:25 How to Fix It
7:28 Emotional Connection
10:58 Gamifying Ham Radio Contesting
14:27 What Works
16:20 What Doesn’t Work
17:34 Pre-High School
19:03 Scouting
19:43 High School
21:26 College
26:39 Post College
28:42 Youngsters on the Air
30:52 YOTA in the US
34:31 Conclusion

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