#3: RX Antennas 101, and a College Update

In this episode, we rambled about receiving antennas like beverage and loops, what “Q” is, our opinions on gear, and a college amateur radio initiative update. It was a fun one! Enjoy! Mega huuuuge thanks to our first 4 Patreon supporters helping us defer the costs of running the show! Thank you, thank you, thank […]

#2: We’re Sweeping Up After Sweeps

On this episode of the Phasing Line, Marty and Sterling talked about… well, a lot. We covered YOTA, Contesting, Sweepstakes, College Radio Clubs, ARRL, and much more! If you enjoy the show, please know that it is not free for us to produce, and the less it hurts our wallets, the more content we can […]

#1: Oatmeal Cookies

Our hard work has come to it’s end. We have published episode one of The Phasing Line Podcast. It was originally about an hour twenty, but cuts and removal of um’s and uh’s shaved it to just under 45 minutes. Find it on iTunes, Stitcher, Pocketcasts, Overcast, and at http://phasinglinepodcast.com. We attempt to talk about […]