#16: NPOTA no More With Emily, KB3VVE

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This episode was recorded from the Phasing Line’s booth at the Dayton Hamvention. The Phasing Line partnered with HamRadioNow to split the cost of the booths. We sat down with the queen of National Parks On The Air, Emily KB3VVE to chat all things NPOTA. This is a Phasing Line show, but Marty brought Gary, KN4AQ of HamRadioNow along for the ride. So, how was your POTA? Take a listen to Emily’s story!


W3ATB’s adventure with Emily: http://w3atb.com/kb3vve-and-kc3fvn-at-the-appalachian-trail/

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About the host:
Marty, KC1CWF: The infamous “Chicken With Fries,”  is a 15 year old ham from the Boston, MA area, who loves contesting, DXing, building stations and mentoring others. He is very involved in ham radio related media production and web content.

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