#13: Getting Schooled By Neil Rapp, WB9VPG

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On this episode, Marty sits down with Neil Rapp, WB9VPG to talk about well… just about everything under the sun (in ham radio)! 


Amateur Radio Newsline: arnewsline.org

Ham Talk Live: hamtalklive.com

K9SOU, Neil’s school radio club: https://www.qrz.com/db/K9SOU

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About the hosts:
Sterling, N0SSC: 25 year old freshly graduated electrical engineer from St. Louis, Missouri who’s in the hobby for contesting, youth engagement, and just about everything else. He’s a former ARRL youth editor and a big advocate for collegiate amateur radio. http://n0ssc.com
Marty, KC1CWF: The infamous “Chicken With Fries,”  is a 15 year old ham from the Boston, MA area, who loves contesting, DXing, building stations and mentoring others. He is very involved in ham radio related media production and web content.


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